Monday, May 30, 2016

Please Cook This (and be Thankful)

Today I submitted a manuscript for publication and another one is close.  It is Memorial Day, a holiday where we are not supposed to be at work, but I was so happy to spend my day in the office with people from my lab.  We also met with a prof from another department.  We might have a solution for those antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  You'll love this...  More to come. 

On my way home I stopped at the one big grocery store in town  and saw "Green Cooking Banana" in the produce section.  I've learned that 400 million people eat this every day.  When the guy at the checkout told me that the bananas were really small and hard, I told him, "That's just the way I want them."

His eyes rolled. I told him that "400 million people eat this every day." 

When I returned home I read horrible things about me on Twitter. Seems that Natural News has re-posted the garbage showing up on GM Watch last year. Again, it is designed to harm my reputation, and clutter search engines with more negative nonsense.  

I could get upset and fire back.  Instead, I cooked bananas. 

It does not get better than this.

I cut the ends off of the green bananas and slit the peel all the way down. I boiled them with some salt and oil for 20 minutes.  Then I dumped them into the sink, pulled off the peel, cut them into chunks, and fried them with diced onion, garlic, and mild wax pepper.  Salt, pepper, and a tablespoon of wine vinegar-- tossed together until brown, and then upon serving threw in some fresh cilantro.

It was fantastic. 

People all over the world eat this as a food staple, every night.  For me, a relatively affluent scientist with running water and a climate-controlled home, it was a rare opportunity.  

I could have written a blog on how this Twitter brutal idiot was a brutal idiot. 

Instead I wanted to share two ideas.  1. How you can enjoy something delicious.  And 2. How we should be grateful for the options we have, and always be thankful for our food.  Many do not share the luxury of a beautiful meal like I had tonight, even though they have the same basic ingredients. 

Thanks everyone, best wishes always.  And if you ever are in North Central Florida, call ahead.  I'll make you some fried bananas. 

A Response to Carey Gillam