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Glyphosate, A.I. and Spreading Disinformation

 Here's a great example of how bad reporting and the war on glyphosate play hand-in-hand.  I don't know anything about the reporter, Stacey Scott at Gillett News (Gillett is a town of 32,000 in Wyoming), but the headline she/it (they use A.I. generated graphics, Stacey Scott might be an A.I. too-- no Twitter or online presence) generated has the potential to misinform.  The Agriculture Department?  You mean the USDA?   No. You mean some other major government regulatory agency? No. Some respected international agency?  No. Then who "warns" ?  It was the government of Amritsar.  What? Yes. Amritsar, a relatively small town/region by India standards. It's a major metropolitan hub in the northwest, not far from the Pakistan border. They have some agriculture there, mostly rice, palm oil, sugar cane and maize, apparently a lot of Basmati rice which is exported from small-holder farms. According to Scott's article, glyphosate is "a chemical known to cause canc