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Revised Social Media Strategy

I discontinued use of Twitter on June 19, 2019.  The account was deactivated, which means I had 30 days to re-activate it before it is permanently deleted.  The clock was winding down, and I had to do a cost/benefit analysis of Twitter.  Certainly p ermanent deletion would mean no more harassment through the medium (that I'd know about). There are about six people and a few 'bots that no longer would harass me.  The problem is that I'd break a connection with 22,000 people that volunteered to receive content.   Today, two days out from permanent deactivation I have a nice article at AgDaily , and a sweet one coming out in The Conversation.  I'd love to share those widely.  The podcast is reaching 1 million downloads with 3,500 per week and almost 200 episodes.  New episodes are not downloaded as much without the Twitter push.  Best of Both Worlds? So it is a necessary evil and I'll have to live with it, but I have to play with different rules.  1.