Sunday, March 25, 2018

Science Denial, Glyphosate, and Democrats

The discussions around agricultural technologies, especially herbicides, are nuanced and complex.  So if someone gets the basic information completely wrong, why would you trust them? 

Such is the case of a Minority Staff Report prepared for congressional members of the Committee for Science, Space and Technology.  That's right, these are the same folks that extol the realities of anthropogenic climate change, now "preparing" a document that has activist fingerprints all over it. 

It is a lot of the same-old same-old conspiracy nonsense-- that herbicide science is a corporate scam where regulators are paid dupes and all of the scientists in the world are corporate liars.  The scientists that make D.O.A. claims that are not supported by ggood science are not described as inept or soft, instead they are heroes, slienced by a well-organized corporate machine. 

The whole thing is embarassing, and a reason why I'll never write a check to the Democratic Party again (I've written off the Republicans long ago). 

You don't need to go further than the cover to see the blatant misinformation.  It shows some dude in a respirator and rubber overalls spraying something on strawberries.  The report photoshops in a bottle of Roundup, the commercial formulation of glyphosate. 

What is wrong with this picture? 

Glyphosate kills strawberries. Dead.*  

The picture does not show someone using glyphosate. It is a lie for shock value, smack dab on the cover. 

The staff of Congressional Democrats presented a document to the Science, Space and Technology Committee that reads like it was written by attorneys and activists. The cover image shows the deception and ignorance.  

Ironically the whole document is activist spin, and the only scientists silenced are the ones they never bothered to interview-- actual scientists that know stuff. 

The whole thing is embarassing, and shows how anti-farming activists attempt to influence policy with fabrications and distortions-- the exact tactics they claim of others.  It also shows that science denial runs on both sides of the aisle. 

* Years ago we lost an important population of strawberry plants when someone used a sprayer to water them, containing a residual amount of glyphosate. 

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