Thursday, November 24, 2016

Important Follow Up to Glyphosate/Groceries- Please Read!

Science is not about entrenching into a position based on ideology. It is about making interpretations based on the evidence provided, and that evidence can, and does change. 

This is a critical follow up to the discussion of the Food Democracy Now brochure that claims dangerous levels of herbicide in common grocery items.

I was contacted by the laboratory that did the analysis for them and I am comfortable that they did the detection 100% correctly. No question. There was no way that I could have known this from the information presented by FDN or by the company's analytical documents.

This tells us two things:
1. Peer review and complete disclosure of methods is important.
2. The levels are still of absolutely no biological consequence.

If anything, this reputable laboratory's analysis and document tells consumers that their food is safe, because an herbicide aggressive food activists find controversial is detectable at the edge of nothing.

You can see how Food Democracy Now and Vani Hari manipulate the fear of the consumer. They call this poison. It's not.

They wanted non-zero numbers, and that's what today's extremely sensitive analytical chemistry can, and does, provide.  This simply opens the door for misinterpretations.

They still do misrepresent the numbers on the Detox Project website, conveniently removing the asterisks from numbers they want over-interpreted. Many readings on this chart are described by the company as "not reliable", and we don't know the number of samples or any variance between samples.  

I have a verbal recap on a special edition of the Talking Biotech Podcast, as I want to make sure that this is clarified. To be effective we need to be honest and roll with the changes as new information is gathered. Thank you.

Glyphosate and School Lunches