Sunday, February 15, 2015

Arctic Apple Deregulated - Predictions?

The "rubber stamp" of regulatory approval, that takes millions of dollars and more than a decade to get, has been finally bestowed upon the Arctic Apple, and the company that invented it, Okanagan Specialty Fruits. This apple varieties have their browning mechanisms deactivated using RNAi, a process that essentially eliminates the enzyme required for the browning process.  After years of testing and regulatory hoops, we can now enjoy them. 

'Bout time! I've been hearing about the damn thing since the 90's. The Arctic Apple joins the ranks of one of the most tested foods of all time. 

These apples don't brown when you cut them, making them an improvement for many applications.  I know I'll buy them because I like apple slices, and can have fresh ones, right from the apple rather than expensive pre-cut ones in bags with chemical treatments and modified atmospheres. 

There is plenty of discussion online about how it works and why it is of benefit to consumers, so if you want to know that stuff, you can find it.  

However, science isn't as much fun as crazy conjecture.  

So let's make predictions! 

1. It will be labeled.  On purpose! -  The superior performance will add value for consumers, so the company will undoubtedly label them with special packaging noting that they are Arctic Apples. 

2. Hundreds of new anti-Arctic Apple images will appear online. --  I'm guessing that there are plenty of folks sitting with a few apples, some food coloring and and handful of grandma's insulin syringes manufacturing the next generation of apple scare art! You'll see lots of images of kids eating apples with skulls and crossbones on them. Wait for it!

3. You'll read about how they are untested and unsafe. To scare the bejeebers out of apple eaters there will have to be plenty of derived accounts of allergies, diseases and maybe even claims of spikes in autism. Watch for them!

4.  You'll read about Monsanto's new apple.  You can't tarnish the image of a new product if it is something made by a small Canadian company with four full-time employees.  You need to tie the product to Monsatan! 

5.  You'll see pressure on apple growers in general. Apple growers will be coerced into not growing Arctic Apples and you'll see common boycotts of all apples due to fear. 

6.  Claims of contamination.  You'll read about how organic apple growers can't sell their trees anymore because they are all contaminated with Arctic Apple pollen.  Of course, they forget that apples are propagated by cuttings and grafting. 

7.  We'll hear of the "revolving door of collusion" between Okanagan Specialty Fruit and the U.S.Government.  Even though you can fit all of the company's full-time employees into one revolving door. 

8.  I'll get a FOIA request for all communication with Okanagan Specialty Fruits.  Because I understand the science and discuss it on my website, conspiridorks at US-Right to Know and other NGO's will be certain that I have been paid by Okanagan Specialty Fruits to cover up the deadly poison apples. They'll ask for all of my email correspondence with OSF and its agents, which we'll happily provide, as the harassment of scientists continues. 

There you have it, my predictions for the Arctic Apple.  Congrats to Dr. Neal Carter and his group.  We're looking forward to your next innovations.