Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Precaution Potatoes! - Out of the EU and Organic Production

The discovery of transfer DNA (T-DNA) in sweet potato indicates horizontal transfer of genetic material from bacterium to plant.  The process is identical to that used in the generation of other transgenic plants, and transgenic plants bear the same bacterial DNA sequences used in the transfer process.

The sweet potato is thuslly out of compliance with European Union standards, and must not be cultivated on organic farms. We must follow the Precautionary Principle- right? 

Almost 50,000 angry petitioners stand up against sweet spuds! 

For decades anti-GMO groups have warned us against adding genes and T-DNA to genomes.  What do the critics say about T-DNA insertions?
  • ·        There are no long-term studies showing their effects or if products are safe.
  • ·         There is no way to guess at unintended consequences. Like causing Morgellon’s Disease and other infections.
  • ·         Sweet potatoes and foods with them must be labeled in the EU, as they contain a transgene.
  • ·         Sweet potatoes may no longer be grown in organic production, since organic cultivation specifically forbids transgenic plants.
  • ·         And right now Babes Against Biotech are feverishly unearthing every sweet potato grown in Hawaii and throwing them into a volcano.

Bummer.  These are radical adjustments, but are in keeping with the legal definitions and provisions as stipulated.  Just because the rules make no sense and are poorly conceived is no reason to stop following them now.  We have known this for a long time, and we need to enforce the rules, after all, it's for the children.

For me, it is sad because I love sweet potatoes, and don’t even get me going on how I can shove my face full of sweet potato fries.  Now that they are going to have to enter the rigorous deregulation process and may not be approved for 10 years, I’m going to stockpile.

And if you live in Benton County, Oregon—if you like your sweet potatoes, make sure you get out and vote, as your orange tasty spuds are now up for referendum.

Of course, my apologies to the sweet potato industry and I’m sorry that you are the new victim of stupid.   These are the rules that have been established by non-scientific minds, and it reinforces that we need to change the rules to something that makes sense. 

A Response to Carey Gillam