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Thoughts for Today - Changes

The website GM Watch has harassed me for years, providing false, derogatory information about me.  I ignore it.  Most people ignore it.  They speak to their echo chamber and that's about it. 

Recently they have found a tremendous ally in someone that used to be very close to me. She has been funneling information to them that is happily crafted into willful misinterpretations that are potentially quite damaging. 

They then used bots to create spam letters to my university calling for investigation.  They only generated 1000.  However, the smear campaign fueled by personal issues to resolve has forced me out of my current position.  It is not fair to my university, students, farmers or colleagues to have leadership working with tremendous personal distraction.

Anti-GE interests have been relentlessly spamming social media and email of journalists and papers to cover the story.  Nobody is interested. The Independent Florida Alligator is going to run a story based on this and my resignation.  I am unsure what it will say. But in preparation: 


1.  Harass or contact my ex-wife. Please respect her privacy. I don't believe her recent actions now are a true reflection of her character and I wish her well professionally and personally. 

2.  Don't feed the trolls.  They will take a victory lap on this. Let them take it. 

3.  Don't harass my university.  My bosses are good people and working hard, they don't need any further distractions.


1.  Consider the source.  This is GM Watch, a hate group that targets science and scientists.

2.  Take careful note of how science "allies" respond.  Many have run from this situation and some have augmented GM Watch's campaign.  Stephan Neidenbach surprisingly re-posted their article without even contacting me.  Others with brand to protect took conservative stances rather than entering the discussion.   I understand that.  However, this is the divide and conquer they wanted.  It also shows a lack of courage, and when Neidenbach or many others went under the bus I was the first one crawling between the wheels to pull them out.  This is not a time to turn on each other or show weakness.  

3. Ask questions, get facts, and understand that this is the handiwork of two parties that want me jobless, homeless and out of the scicomm arena (and ultimately removed from the planet). 

4.  Get Involved!   Not in my stupid story but in the wider debate.  Teach kids, talk to friends, share the beautiful stories of science cataloged over on the Talking Biotech Podcast

Most of all, talk to me if you have questions.  Contact me by email and we'll do a phone call anytime.  kevinfolta at gmail 

Thank you.


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