Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Downside of Glyphosate

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is famous for her observation that autism rates track glyphosate, leading her to the conclusion that glyphosate causes autism and that 50% of children will be autistic in 2025.  At that rate, and logic, every kid will be autistic in 2045. 

In looking at statistics, I found another confounding contributor.  Enjoy. 

The trend is undeniable.

The numbers of UFO sightings are increasing, no doubt brought on by the use of glyphosate.  Or maybe UFOs make kids autistic.  Or UFOs cause glyphosate. It is so hard for me to think wrong! 

When you look at a heat map of where the most sightings occur, look what is at the end of that yellow arrow.... You guessed it.  Monsanto World HQ.  Coincidence?

Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend, listen to the podcast... covering the NAS Report with Dr. Neal Stewart.