Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Analysis of Ronnie Cummin's Conspiratorial Rant

It has been exciting watching the media place a blazing spotlight on Chipotle's decision to cash in on fear and ignorance.  The company claiming its foundation of "integrity" makes a move to seize profit while ignoring facts, capitalizing on misinformation to capture market share.  Heck, if you can't get them to eat your food because it is good, maybe you can get them to eat it because you can scare them away from everything else. 

The media has been stellar in pointing out this most salient scientific FAIL

However, USA Today published two opposing opinions, one critical of Chipotle, and the other... well it is Ronnie Cummins, Director of the Organic Consumers Association.  You know the activist organization that wouldn't know science if it hit it in its ear candle. 

So let's look at Cummin's claims, and add my science-based commentary (in red).  Click to enbiggen.

The defenders of bad science use tired arguments and baseless rhetoric to bolster their claims.  When these blown-out arguments don't have traction-- it must be a conspiracy! 

Whenever someone is trying to motivate you with fear, pay close attention. The only fear here is that Cummins posts another set of broken claims, as the media is wising up to fear-mongering messages.