Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Hot Tweets

Since the dawn of the internet I've been blown away by the beautiful writing, wonderful pictures, and more photos of monkeys smoking than I can browse in a good afternoon.

Over the last few weeks I think the crazy people have dialed it up.
Can't believe the junk I'm reading!

But on the other hand, I've been so excited to read the poignant, concise and beautiful words on Twitter.  The last week was awesome. Thanks Hank, Kellie and Sanjay for these gems...

 "Arrogance is the full-bellied 'protecting' the starving from ." @KellieRyanB

"The anti-GMO folks just hate corporations more than they love people." @HankCampbell

"anti-GMO come across as privileged urbanites who show startling lack of compassion for the poor and rural." @Sanjaybhatikar

"Full belly, full wallet, empty skull=bad food science decisions." @ (well, me)

Glyphosate and School Lunches