Friday, June 3, 2016

Please Support The Haiti Young Leaders Conference

Hi Everybody,

My student, Kiona is a senior in the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida.  She is deeply committed to science and does beautiful work in the lab.

But what makes her extra special is her commitment to sharing science, and even more, her commitment to becoming a leader in global food security and her interests in leadership development in young people worldwide. 

Kiona will be taking part in the Haiti Young Leaders Conference in a few weeks, and her team is currently running a fundraiser to help defray costs. She explains more about it here: 

  Again, the link is here.

I adore having the opportunity to work with students like Kiona.  One of the reasons is that I actually learn as much as I teach.  She reminds me that there is always time to reach out and share our time and talents with others, and that that simple investment can change the world.

Think about helping her team with a donation.  Even a few bucks here can make a big difference in their mission, and ever cent will be used wisely.  Thank you for supporting an amazing young woman and outstanding scholar.  

A Response to Carey Gillam