The Lobbyist of Love...

Lots has been said about me lately, and while it is tempting to respond, I have to retreat inside my own head.  I know what I've said, I know the facts, and it has always been the truth, and so time will be kind.  

Authors are looking for a story, and showing conspiracies and collusion always raises an eyebrow, so these folks are just out to make a splash at the expense of others, even if facts are thin and don't exactly mesh with reality.  Welcome to Journalism 2015.

To be characterized as a lobbyist is rather laughable, and as such makes this a non-issue.  Here's something to think about-- if scientists are not supposed to be speaking to politicians, farmers, companies and the public about science, then who should? 

I'm doing my job, and doing it well, and I don't have a budget for travel.  If politicians and companies want to hear about the science, they should at least get me a plane ticket to come talk about it.

Speaking of which, back in October I was asked to go to PA to talk to the House of Representatives Ag Committee.  I don't have such funds, so BIO paid my plane ticket. Thanks BIO!  How cool to be able to share published science with real decision makers! 

At the same time, Chuck Benbrook was heading to the same meeting.  Who paid his ticket?  Who cares?  I don't. 

Since we're in the age of divulging email content, here's one that everyone conveniently forgot to post.  Enjoy. 

The blacked out part is my cell number.  Wow, I'm so awful

It is super disappointing to see the cherry-picking, selective omission and extreme editing that this NYT author used to create a false narrative. 5000 pages of email from three years, and that's the best they can assemble from lifted quotations. Geez. If this is what NYT does, then maybe good journalism is dead. 

Thanks everyone for your support.  This thing is a non-issue. I'm making a difference, so they'll be doing everything they can to take me down, even if it is making up stories of being a lobbyist for big ag.

If teaching science is being a lobbyist, then I've been a lobbyist in the classroom my entire life.  If this is lobbying, it is a special kind that is backed by evidence, and done in a spirit of love and kindness so that others are inspired to learn, know facts, and help shape the future of food and natural science. 

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