Thursday, February 6, 2020

Folta Returns as Talking Biotech Host

In November of 2019 I was told to end the long-running podcast series Talking Biotech.  I was devastated, and requested that the recorded episodes be allowed to run, which would take the podcast through 2019. 

I then decided to continue the podcast using guest hosts. Modesta Abugu stepped into that role, and hosted four weeks of outstanding content. 

I will return as podcast host on February 8, 2020.  The appropriate paperwork has been filed with my university for me to continue this outreach and education, but only to do it as "outside activity" -- a non-work-related effort executed outside of work time.  That's easy. It always was. 

Having a clear delineation from the university allows new flexibility in funding. I have elected to not pursue advertising (although it was lucrative for a podcast with this much traffic).  Instead I'm requesting small support form this loyal audience, as even a few dollars per month can translate into better products and penetration.  

Funds will be used to cover the traditional costs of websites, hosting, and bandwidth.  I also will expand the operation with improved equipment, a presence on YouTube, hire a producer, advertise to expand audience, etc. 

Being told to end a long-running podcast series was devastating.  This is my passion and where I'm best. It was the support and kind encouragement from a loyal listener base that made these changes happen and I'm always grateful for that.