Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bittersweet Access Denied

The website from yesterday is gone.  Access denied. 

Despite the fact that this was our central scientific organization making a major blunder, the internet was strangely silent, and it made me uneasy.  

This situation is nothing but bad optics, but the criticism had to be levied, because it was the truth. Damn the torpedoes. 

But it was enough time for at least a subset of the anti-technology movement to grab it and run with it. 

I'm holding my breath and hoping for a clarifying statement that acknowledges the findings of the awardees, but frames them within the limitations of the experiments performed.

I'm also waiting for the claims that this was the secret hand of Monsanto, infiltrating the AAAS corps of lackeys, and having the page pulled. 

We indeed live in strange times. I'm glad that scientists in places like Sri Lanka examine public health issues, formulate hypotheses and test them as they can.

We just need to keep it real. If we are going to build trust, accept innovation and speed solutions to the Developing World, we need to let evidence dictate our decisions, and not base new policy on hunches and hypotheses. 

It will be interesting to see what happen next.