Monday, July 23, 2018

Write for Plant Cell Extracts

The articles in The Plant Cell represent the most novel and significant findings in plant genomics and cellular and molecular biology.  But the articles are so damn dense! 

Can we help synthesize key findings in a way that helps better communicate the important work, and train new authors to write for public audiences?  That's the job of Plant Cell Extracts! 

 If you are interested in distilling a paper we will help with the process.  

1.  Pick a paper to write about. 
2.  Contact me at kfolta at 
3.  We brainstorm ways to tell the story in a relatable way
4.  You write
5   A crack team of editors gives it a hard edit
6.  You fix
7.  We publish! 

You are the author, all efforts are made to ensure we retain your voice and you maintain all discretion to accept/decline suggestions. 


  • It is easy-- 500-1500 words is a breeze
  • It is important -- we need to be more effective at sharing the science and the significance
  • It shows you care about public understanding of science
  • It helps you develop your voice and style outside of scientific journals
  • It helps build a brand around your scientific program! 

Students - Postdocs - Early Career - Seasoned Curmudgeons 

Articles will appear in the Plant Cell Extracts section of and possibly in other venues. 

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