Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wrecking the Twitter Experience

Twitter can be a great tool for rapid review and dissemination of thoughts, criticism, and media.  However, about six months ago Twitter revised the program so that the @usernames did not count against the 140 character limit.  At that point a culture of strategic, well worded posts between a few users changed. 

Twitter went from useful to intolerable. 

Now there are threads with 40 users involved, sparring endlessly about issues like GMO, vaccines and climate. These are now good science allies arguing endlessly with people known to be disruptive agitators with no interest in actual science. 

Please stop entertaining them. 

I've blocked the trolls, so now I sit and watch well-intentioned people that have the science right pop up on the thread one after another, arguing with trolls.  I see one side of the argument, but that's all I see.  Hundreds of posts, one after the other. 

Now I'm missing valuable messages that I want to see, because I'm watching one side of a conversation that should not be happening.  I'm glad to share a thought with someone trolling, especially if they are new. I don't want to make the mistake of blocking someone with honest questions.

But to continually go back and forth with @peterdoodes, @GOPJesus, @H_O_G_, @Olivefarmer, @normonics, @JCal1969, @glyphosate9570, @Organics4Free, @beachvetlbc, @JodiKoberinski, @alafiagrandma, etc 

What are you thinking? 

I know some of these folks personally and you'll never change their minds in 140 characters.  Don't waste your time.  Others are there just because they love to agitate.  Don't play into it. 

And the Twitter tool of "mute conversation" does not work well. 

If we all blocked the same group of trolls, we could focus on providing information that wish to learn, wish to understand, and want to know the science.  Let them scream in their own echo chamber.  Some engagement is fine, but stop after 10 back-n-forths! 

If it keeps going I have to block/mute the people I appreciate, just so I can revive the functionality of the twitter feed. 

Please stop entertaining the anti-science crowd. 

Focus on the teachable. 

Focus on people that want to learn.

Don't waste your time on true believers.

They didn't formulate their opinions on evidence, so evidence will not change their minds. 

Have a Nice Day!