Sunday, October 11, 2015

Will Wild Animals Avoid GMO Corn?

7/12/2019 EDIT --  This was a good idea and was executed well.  Unfortunately the other organizers took umbrage to my repeated demands to complete the work and dismissed me from the project.  I did initiate drafts of the manuscript back in 2016.

It is part of a much bigger falling out.  These folks also decided to use FOIA to obtain internal university documents about confidential professional witness work I was doing for a law firm on my vacation time. They broke my confidentiality, revealing information that was not supposed to be public. It jeopardized my involvement in a private dispute between two parties, as well as the progression of the arbitration. They have certainly taken every opportunity to impugn my integrity and harm my career, in this and other ways. 

Please understand that if I had any pull in this situation I would do everything I could to complete the work as promised. It pains me to not deliver, but I have been dismissed from this project and have zero influence in its progression.  


We want YOU to help us answer the question! 

The internet is filled with claims that wild animals will not consume genetically engineered crops.  Even alleged experts like Dr. Don M. Huber claim with absolute certainty that animals "will not eat it at all" .  

These kinds of claims are reinforced by rather dubious one-off demonstrations on the internet.  Like this one: 

Demonstrations like this one are common on the internet, and suggest we need to do the real experiment. 

Dr. Karl Haro von Mogel and I have been planning the actual test for years.  We have finally obtained 2000 lbs of corn and it will be distributed as kits at $25 each.  The fee covers the shipping costs, kit components, and cost to hire people to do the assembly. 

Hypothesis:  When given a choice, wild animals will not consume genetically engineered corn. 

You can hear the whole story on the Talking Biotech Podcast

We'll test this hypothesis with the help of 250 volunteers who will perform the test using our blinded, coded corn.  The GM corn plants were glyphosate treated and have many "stacked" traits. 

Get your kit today, and any extra funding obtained will go to fund extra kits that will be distributed to schools for free.  

  • 100% of funds obtained will be used in this experiment. 
  • All data will be available to the public
  • We'll publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal

Here's your chance to take part in a science experiment that will provide the independent replicates that will provide a definitive answer on this question.