Thursday, February 20, 2014

Independent GMO Research Challenge!

Blocked from Science? 

One of the reasons I've survived as an academic scientist has been a tenacious drive to get things done.  I'm not brilliant like my colleagues, but I work really hard and don't take 'no' for an answer.  If there's a problem to solve, a hypothesis to test-- we figure out a way to do it.

That's why it makes me crazy when people claim that they can't do experiments on GM foods.  They claim independent researchers have been blocked from doing work in this area.  Activists will have you believe that somehow their hands are tied and they are stopped from doing the work.  I just don't understand. 

Want independent research?  Do it.  Don't whine about not being able to do it. If you are afraid to do it, or afraid to publish results, send them to me.  I'll publish them for you and we'll split the Nobel Prize! 

But Isn't It Everywhere?

Anti-GMO folks will tell you two things for sure.  First, that GMOs are in just about everything we eat, and next, that GMO food is killing us. If that is true, why do you need any permission from any company to do the research?  If you are a researcher that finds this compelling, go buy food.  You know, that poison stuff that we put in our pie holes.  Rigorously demonstrate that GM food is more deadly and disease causing than Non-GMO Project equivalents.  Done!  Nobel Prize! 

Can't Get the Seeds! 

What a flaming cop out.  Go buy them.  Farmers do it every day. Do your experiments.  If you are nervous, go file an Academic Research License and do the work with the company's knowledge.  Do your experiments.  If you find that there is a problem, report your results.  Claim your Nobel Prize. Have some guts. 

There's no way anyone will be suing you, and the Blackwater 'copters will be grounded.  Nobody will be hassling you for using the seeds for research, because your high-quality, published, reproducible research will drive the company out of business with lawsuits.

Plus, as I've mentioned elsewhere, you can have any seeds made you want, and you can do experiments until you are blue in the face.  Enjoy! University of Missouri, University of California Davis-- they can make your plants and you can test all day!

I'll Publish Your Results!

If you do a real set of experiments that show harm, make sure they are independently verified and then publish!   That's what scientists do!  If you are afraid because the conspiracy, black helicopters, Blackwater, or Monsanto itself will come get you, send me your data!  I'll write it up and submit it.  

If there is evidence of harm, then you losers are the most unethical, spineless losers to not stand up for what is right.  I'll stand up for you.  I don't fear black helicopters.  

In Conclusion

It is the old, safe retreat-- "nobody knows because the company won't let them test...."   Oh cry me a river.  Just do it.  There's not a scientist alive worth a damn that would see a paradigm-shifting opportunity and an ethical charge and not do it because they are afraid of a company.  Puh-leeeze. 

That's how you know these people have no leg to stand on.  When I think about the scientists I know, the ethics they practice and their concern for farmers, the poor, the average consumer and the environment, if there was something wrong they would not sweep it under a carpet.  It would be on prime-time news.  

The challenge- give me the data you say are suppressed.  I'll publish them, and when the ninjas start coming after me we'll blow the roof off of the story. 

A Response to Carey Gillam