Saturday, March 23, 2019

De-Platforming. A Power Move

I'm interested in debate. I need to get it right. Despite what people may say, I'm not an out of touch, arrogant scientist.  I'm interested to learn more and understand other perspectives.  

That's why I give people the benefit of the doubt. I have learned from others, and I have changed my mind.  I have been wrong, and I'm glad to admit that. 

At the same time I've stood up for science. I've endured endless hassle and anger, hideous allegations and propagation of rumor and hate.  

Thacker is glad to use public records and distribute my social security number. I had to get it changed after he decided to make it public. 

I can take it.  I know the truth, and anyone with half a brain can see what is reality, really is. 

But there comes a time that you have to take the microphone out of the hands of the chronically delinquent.  In my case, Paul Thacker, Michael Balter, and some folks I met on Kauai have decided to make a daily spectacle of smear. 

It is heartwarming in a sense.  As a marginally-relevant scientist and okay science communicator, I guess I appreciate that some folks dedicate so much time to online defamation. Defamation = "the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel." 

And that is exactly what they are about.  They don't discuss science-- they just tell you why I am a turd that can't be trusted. 

I'm at the point that our universities and other media are at, we can't continue to allow a forum for hateful speech, and we can't endorse rhetoric that is meant to hurt others, and not part of civil discourse.

It is unfortunately, time to de-platform them. 

It is a decision I make with a heavy heart.  I'd love to enjoy a fruitful conversation with Thacker, Balter, Taleb, Nestle and others. However, that is not in their equation. These are merchants of doubt, dealers of confusion. They don't have that gear. I defeat their agenda. 

I do invite them to the table of kind discussion, and promise to entertain their assertions.  However, I will not tolerate their abuse. Done. 

We have a lot of work to do.  We need to be stronger and faster, more agile and smarter.  There is no room for this in arguing the tired trolls with defunct messages. 

We go forward with light and love, and a promise to always leave a door open to alternative ideas.  But when those ideas are endless hate and misinformation it is time to take away their microphone. 

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Wzrd1 said...

Alas, deplatforming them means removing their platform, the offending platform continuing to whore out for money.
So, you remove yourself from conversation and they won.
They continue and we'll have cholera in the streets soon (another online BS amplification effort, which was countered).
Ignoring them won't work scathing and factual scorn does work, but requires a hell of a lot of effort.
Either retire from the field entirely or grow a set and stand for facts, science and well, reality.
Stop respecting village idiots and treat a village idiot proclaiming supremacy as an idiot.
Heap scorn upon them, as they've earned it.
And when violence is threatened, well, I'm a rather congenial man, well loved by pretty much everyone who meets me. I'm also someone not to be attacked, if someone attacks my home, God help the poor sod, as only if I'm feeling charitable would I use a firearm, my first and immediate choice is edged weapons.
And for the doxer, already went down that road, I explained that it'd take a minimum of 16 hours for them to expire, then the remains would be deposited, suitably treated first, to a hog farm, leaving no remains for law enforcement.

Overall, I prefer the nice guy attitude, need help, here's a hand up. Come at me wanting to cause harm, the devil and God take notes.
I will initiate contact with edged weapons, my charitable recourse is firearms and both, I have aplenty.
Largely due to being a target, having worked in counter-terrorism.
We terrorized terrorists for a living and were quite good at it.

The reality is, giving them pause. Dad once said, never fight someone badder than you are, crazier than you are or knows something that they know.
So, anyone giving me my wife's current abdominal dimensions gives themselves away, as her liver failure (due to misdiagnosis of hepatic obstrucction) is quite variable. And position gives them away.

I'm far from paranoid, I am very, very good at both strategic and tactical things, military.
You don't even need that. At all. Knowledge is its own fine arms weapon, use it, each and every time.