Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Science Against Transgenic (GMO) Crops

I don't use the term "hogwash" lightly, but I'll apply it here. Hogwash. Sometimes you encounter an anti-science rant that you fundamentally disagree with, but still appreciate for the writer's passion and style. This is not one of those sometimes.

Shelby Thomason writes an amazingly trite commentary encapsulating her opinion of transgenic technology.  I think she might have realized during an aggressive ear candling that GMO and GTFO share two common flanking letters, which might make a catchy title for a Letter to the Editor at the Minnesota Daily.

The best part is that she (he?) reveals a new argument against transgenic food-- it makes you unhappy. In a sentence laced with fun punctuation license the evidence is revealed:

We know a little about how GMOs affect our minds, though: When we consume GMOs, the chemicals in GMOs upset the dopamine-serotonin balance in our noggins. The more GMOs you eat, the less happy you become.

Must be true!  A PubMed search shows nothing of the sort, and even a Google search finds only this note to the editor.

I'm calling out Shelby Thomason as a troll.  This note is designed to see how fast the dopamine:seratonin thing becomes part of the anti-GMO internet meme.

Maybe that's true.  The rest of the article contains the same tired nonsense that most anti-GMO folks rant on about. I've covered it before, no reason to do it here.

The take home message- watch this seratonin:dopamine connection to spread like wildfire over Susanne Sommers estate in Malibu.  Will anyone ever care to check the facts?  Nope.

At least we have a front row seat to watch it take off.

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Karl Haro von Mogel said...

I sent an email to Shelby politely asking for the source for this information. If there is (or is not) a response, when I [ironically] get back from a trip to Minneapolis this weekend, I will write a letter to the editor in response. Given my background, I have a certain affinity for college papers and setting things straight.