Monday, March 5, 2012

Death Threats, Science, and Fighting the Real Enemy

Yesterday I spent some time answering "Ask Me Anything" questions about GMO technology on Reddit. It was fun.

It was amazing to see how many people hate Big Ag companies, therefore hate science, scientists, and facts. I never got death threats before, but the kind hearted anti-GMO interests are locked and loaded with me in the crosshairs! These goofballs don't realize that we are probably on the same side on every issue, like the same stuff, vote the same... but I know more about this topic and see through the activist falsehoods.

I'm getting me one of these bullet proof labcoats to protect me 
from the lovely peaceniks that want to hug 
the planet by killing a scientist. 

The technology, the tool, is consistently attacked. It is not the tool or technology that should be their target, but maybe the way it is used. People opposed to Big Ag need to make that distinction.

The real issue might be a political and business one, not a scientific one. So when opponents blatantly lie about GMOs or provide misinformation, it discredits their political/business cause.

There's a fine line between flower power and fire power. 
Give (your) piece a chance.

There also where many that simply gave me the F-U or some other pointy comment. Very sad. I was there to help and maybe could have helped them understand the issues and the science.

I never got a death threat before, let alone four, and because I support facts. I felt like the guys that report climate change or vaccine efficacy.

There is a rabid resistance in the anti-GMO world that needs to soften to the science and scientists if they ever want to make gains against Big Ag.   Public scientists are their best allies.  Don't shoot them.


Mary said...

Someone tweeted the thread yesterday and I went to see. It was hard to read. But a terrific outreach effort on your part.

Bucove said...

A nationwide failure of education has crippled the capacity for critical thought in the general populace. How this came about is well known and understood, if not yet exculpable..

The resulting inability to discriminate between a tool and how it is used is just one aspect of this loss. The lockdown on higher thought is completed when emotional imperative covers the hole where the critical thinking was supposed to go.

These folks who act out so inappropriately are evidently victims themselves on a well prepared battlefield. Helping them overcome the manipulations they have succumbed to is not the task of a scientist, but of their peers.

Get the Kevlar lab coat, Kevin. We'll find you a soap box carefully wrapped in cultural affirmations easily perceived at the subconscious level for those who are too lazy to handle actual thinking.

In the meantime, stay out of the sights of their manipulators. You are an incredibly precious resource for our future.

Eiseley said...


It's interesting because there seems to be a cleave emerging between the most public American corporation behind GMO (Monsanto) and GMO itself. Personally, I think that Monsanto is an exemplary corporate citizen, but that's obviously not a widely shared opinion. But it's interesting to read public discussion around GMO's and see a clear delineation between the perceived bad actions of Monsanto and the very promising science of GMO's.

The problem is that, in America and most of the first world, Monstanto equals GMO's. So if you defend GMO's you have to defend Monsanto. But most people don't realize, for example, that the altrustic GMO rice that is open source has been delayed by the same procedural roadblocks that delay all GMOs, and have killed thousands of people in the process. For what, a luddite aversion to technology?

The point is that sentiments are changing, this latest generation is not as susceptible to pesudo-science as the baby-boomers, and that's something to be hopeful about.

Eiseley said...
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