Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Month Vaccine Checkup

One of the ways that we can point out how much the anti-vaxers like to lie to you is by taking their predictions and holding them up against the yardstick of time.  Here we can judge what they are telling you against reality and show the lack of congruence.

To someone that is on the vaccine fence this should be powerful information.  I can tell you that their hyperbole and extrapolation is a lie, but it takes them, plus time, to reveal that I was correct.

Last August one poster left a note stating that swine flu (H1N1) is all hysteria and that nobody will die from the flu, but millions will die from the vaccine.  So far, wrong as usual.

Here's a cool flyer I found on the Facebook page of the Vaccine Information Network.  It makes similar claims.  You tell me.  Who is lying to you?

 A flyer from the Vaccine Information Network.  Please note that this was posted earlier this year, and then consider its mission.  Is it to give information, create hysteria, or is it outright fraud?

The good part is that people are lining up around the block for the vaccine, so the "conspiracy" is progressing exactly as planned.   Will the predicted millions die?  Will the 6-billion predicted dead come to fruition for corporate profit?  Someone better be careful or they'll kill all of the big pHARMa customers!

This is the anti-vax propaganda.  It is not intended to teach, educate or inform.  It is intended to scare and misinform.  This information is made available via the web so that people with agendas can prey upon the scientifically illiterate masses in this country.... and they are taking the bait.

This is why it is important for us to hold THEM accountable.  When they make their dire predictions it is important to revisit their failures.  Just like in 2000 when they said that autism rates would go to zero when thimerisol was removed from vaccines.  The compound was removed and the rates increased.  Hold them accountable.

Also, I was told in the post "Got My Flu Shot" that I'd soon suffer from irreversibly harm from the shot I received.  Nope.  Feel like a million bucks.

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