Thursday, July 23, 2009

Internet at the Equus Hotel

I was out of town and not able to chime in because my hotel had no internet support. I was in Honolulu Hawaii attending the ASPB Annual Conference. Of course, I found the cheapest room within walking distance that had internet support and stayed at the Equus (pronounced Ek-wis). I signed in because of the "free internet" facet. I always have work to do and need to be in touch with the lab. With a 6 h time difference and sitting in sessions with the phone off, the telephone is not always practical. Internet access is essential.

I signed in at the Equus and it is a nice hotel, excellent botique-hotel rooms for the price. There is absolutely no internet access. They claim to have a modem that you can sign out, but I was on the "waiting list" from the day I got there until the day I left. Each time I'd ask they'd tell me "you're next on the list" (except for one time on the 4th day I dropped down to 2nd).

It is a great hotel to stay at if you want a great price near Waikiki and downtown Honolulu. But if you absolutely need internet access, do not stay at Equus.

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