Friday, June 12, 2009

"Good Luck Charm" Fails!

CNN Headline News proclaimed Gina Marie Incandela a "Good Luck Charm", a title foisted upon her from all of the media. As legend goes, this cute 7-year-old controls the outcomes to professional basketball games. As of 7pm on June 11th, every single time that she sung the national anthem, the Orlando Magic won. Every single time without fail. She must be magical!

To me, I'm amazed. It is almost beyond comprehension that one of the best teams in basketball could somehow possibly win four games without supernatural intervention.

The news described her as a failsafe guarantee of the Orlando (irony) Magic's victory. As usual, magical thinking fails miserably when statistical significance is introduce to the equation. After all, they did win every single game she sang at.

I don't mean to pick on Gina Marie. She's autistic and couldn't speak until late in her life and now she's singing the national anthem to a packed stadium. She belts out a rendition that most professional singers would have problems with. I'm not taking anything away from her.

In fact, I wish that her ability and history were the main story. Instead we have to invoke her powers as a talisman, a savant-ish conjuring of mystical powers to make a ball go through a hoop.

Her story is a great one and let's give credit where credit is due. Now that she's failed to bring victory they'll probably cut her loose. I sure hope not.

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