Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now the Psychics Can Find Caylee Anthony!

The lovely little girl was missing for months. Six months. Nobody said a word.

Now that the body has been found and ID'd, alleged psychic, Gayle St. John, is enjoying air time on the Nancy Grace Show. Nancy Grace shows St. John videotaped with a dog near some trees near the spot where the body was eventually found, one month after she was reported missing.

The airtime lends great credibility to St. John's claims. However, a quick internet search tells us more. According to the website St. John predicted the remains to be found near Lake Conway. According to the website "Gale St. John said she had a vision of a place in Orlando near a lake, surrounded by trees and wildflowers. That is where she believes Caylee Anthony can be found, but not alive." She also is clearly visiting other areas with the dog. Heck, if she finds a body, then it was her psychic intuition that brought her there!

Near a lake surrounded by trees and wildflowers... in Florida? Can she narrow it down a little? That's just about any one of 1000 lakes in the state, or the hundred that dot the Orlando area!

The bottom line is that the child's skeletonized remains were not found near Lake Conway, or any lake for that matter. Instead they were close to the family home. Why didn't she find her then? Why didn't she "feel" the child in harm's way before she was killed? Why didn't she call police?

Most importantly, how many hours of videotape were shot and were never seen? Of course, we don't see her trodding around the other thousand places she visited with a hunch, only those that eventually produced the body!

Of course, if you want to know the real story follow the money. St. John was planning her road to TV stardom on a cable TV show called The Body Hunter. She is trying to generate interest, and is seeking donations on her website.

A little reading shows that she is broke and can't afford to pay her house payments right now. I guess her psychic powers didn't allow her to dial in to the stock market.

It is always easy to predict things after they happen. St. John is a fraud like the rest of them and I'd like to see the media give her the hell she deserves.

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