Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Psychic in Caylee Anthony's Case!

Ahhhh Yes, once that body is found they all knew exactly where it was. The psychics all seemed to know exactly where the remains of little missing toddler Caylee Anthony were located, but they didn't bother to call the police or say anything. They all sat on their generous half moons and watched the media frenzy and grieving family. They are wrong, malevolent, or both.

I've always contended that psychics were full of crap, but now it is clear that they are also evil self promoters, capitalizing on others fears and desperation.

The latest is Ginnette Matcia Lucas. Lucas claimed to have a dream that showed her the Caylee's terminal location back in August, and she allegedly led the family's private investigator to the spot. Apparently she didn't get it exactly right because the remains were not found until late November.

Here's the scam. These predatory evil people put one thousand pins in the map as predictions and when the truth is revealed they pull out 999, leaving only those that match actuality. This way they are always correct.

How do we know? Obviously, such revelations are invariably ex post facto.

There are literally thousands of missing children in this country and parents grieving for their losses. Thousands. They don't know if the kids are alive or dead and have this open wound that will not heal. You will never see the Ginnette Matcia Lucas-es of the world using their powers to successfully find them. There are no cameras, no reporters. Most of all there are no conclusions forged from solid police work and science. Without a conclusion, the "psychic" can't make an accurate prediction.

These people make me sick.

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