Monday, January 19, 2009

Amanda Peet - My New Hero

Ok, she's no Norman Borlaug, but in a retarded sea of Hollyweird pseudoscience Ms. Peet is a highly compressed tank of fresh air.

I cringe at the anti-vaccine nonsense. Few health advances have allowed our quality of healthful life over vaccines. Yet a group of anti-scientific morons ignore science and reality and decry their deployment. What is most deplorable is that visible personalities exploit their celebrity to promote anti-science, anti-vaccination nonsense. Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia and inventor of the rotovirus vaccine, notes how Jonas Salk is considered a hero, while many parents view Offit as a terrorist.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey are notable dipshits that shun science and then use their celebrity to spread untruthful rhetoric to frightened and misinformed parents. They promote severe limitations on vaccinations.

In steps Amanda Peet. I don't know what she's done in TV and film, but I heard her on NPR and she apparently is as prominent in Hollywood as McCarthy/Carey and probably didn't eat her boogers on MTV. She speaks articulately and scientifically. She speaks with credibility, and promotes an evidence-based approach to the childhood vaccination issue.

Her opinions are not welcome. She takes considerable grief from the anti-vaccination pseudoscience army, as evidenced throughout the internet. Here's a good example- read the comments!.

She's accused of being a shill for big pharma, a dupe of scientists, etc. I don't doubt that it will cost her plenty in the feel-good, anti-evidence cesspool of Hollywood.

So maybe a note on an obscure blog that nobody reads is little solace, but maybe it is another part of critical mass that may help stop the nonsense.

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Wendy said...

Amanda Peet refuses to put sunscreen on her child because she thinks it’s toxic but injecting her child with a vaccine containing aluminum derivates and diseased animal tissue is fine…she is a real rocket scientist! Glad she is on the provaccine side! A hero is somebody who commits an act of remarkable bravery. Jenny McCarthy actually recovered her autistic kid. There is a hero. It takes bravery to go against main stream medicine. I don’t go along with her agenda of “Greening a vaccine” because there would be nothing left in the vial but still, it takes bravery to try and make a change.