Sunday, May 11, 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em... Play Their Game Better than They Do!

In scientific circles the anti-science propaganda movie Expelled came and went without notice. Most people I know didn't even hear about it, let alone see it. For some of us that were watching it represents the cancer in the corner that is finding new creative ways to spread, exploiting rhetorically appealing cries for academic freedom and our nation's overflowing scientific illiteracy. As evidenced by the ability to sway lawmakers in several states, the assault on science is not going away soon.

So it you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Maybe more accurately, while science will beat them senseless in the long run, let's monkey with them in the meantime. I have visited a series of websites promoting "Academic Freedom" laws and posted the following, in support of their concepts:

As an elementary school teacher I am very excited about this legislation and have urged my congressmen to vote in favor. I don't agree with the narrow lies of Darwinian science. My Holy Book and research done by my Church show clearly that life is the work of aliens that seeded the planet with life very recently, about 100,000 years ago. It is the "Alien Garden Design", using planets in the universe to ensure their own survival. They cultured us to breed- we are their farm. We know that they come back periodically to test how it is coming along. We must worship them because they will harvest the inhabitants of this planet any year now, All will be reduced to a soup while still alive because, as my Holy Book says, "The vitality of children makes them a more suitable broth, and their screams generate enzyme products necessary for our sustained control of the universe". The huge numbers of UFO reports and alien abductions are evidence of my faith. I'm glad that Academic Freedom will allow me to share my scientific evidence against Darwin with the children.

Is that excellent or what? This is the point, who's to say what is "scientific evidence" if you don't acknowledge scientific evidence? If they knew what science was or how it worked, it would be a non-issue. This is the anti-scientist way of sneaking an agenda into classrooms. We're so stupid that it just might work!

The assault on science and education is unnerving to the educator, maybe a bit too much. Perhaps a reprieve is to play along and illustrate how agenda-based, poor legislation may not be productive, may be detrimental to students, and will harm our nation as a whole.

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